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Welcome to ATG.

ATG specializes in building state of the art pricing solutions for the property and casualty insurance sector. We provide exceptionally powerful software & services while maximizing ease-of-use.

ATG's solutions can help eliminate much of the pricing risk your organization faces.  We can help expand your markets, improve profit & production, and increase efficiencies.

ATG has worked hard to set itself apart from the traditional consulting firms. Our approach is simple, have the best solutions available at the lowest cost.

Our software has exceptionally high easy-of-use. In just minutes you can learn to use our predictive modeling tool. We've eliminated many of the frustrations customers have experienced with other modeling tools.

Our software is also highly scalable. CorerateTM, our competitive intelligence software easily allows you to build sophisticated rating structures. Solutions built for one product or state can be easily transferred to another.

Finally, our software is powerful.  InterpretTM, our predictive modeling software can fit multivariate predictive models with millions of observations in seconds. It's designed for the needs of insurance companies, rate filing support exhibits are easily produced once the models are built.

More and more companies are developing the pricing sophistication necessary to gain significant advantages in the market place.

Try our solutions today and find out why others are choosing ATG!






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Email: Contact@ATGSolutionsLLC.com

May 10, 2009: ATG Solutions LLC announces its planned release of Interpret 2.0 in August of 2009. The new version expands upon many of its user friendly capabilities, but more important adds spatial smoothing capabilities to geographic pricing estimates.(continue...)

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"Our new multivariate analysis software is now available. See why many feel this may just be the easiest predictive modeling solution available."