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Competitive Intelligence

Corerate is a highly scalable competitive intelligence software tool.  Whether you're analyzing your proposed rates versus your existing rates, or your rates versus the competition, Corerate is one of the most powerful solutions available.

Key Benefits

  • Identify inaccurate pricing of risks.
  • Optimize alignment of your premiums versus your competitors at any level of detail.
  • Identify likely disruption caused by proposed changes and adjust accordingly.
  • Easily produce state required exhibits (e.g., impact histograms)

Corerate has extremely powerful analysis capabilities.  Use Corerate to create detailed charts for 1) average rates, 2) ultimate average rates, 3) win percentages, 4) ultimate win percentages, 5) average rate relativities, 6) average rank, 7) histogram of rate changes, 8) rate impacts by coverage, 9) maximum, average, and minimum rate differences, 10) XY scatterplots of average rates.  Corerate also has geographic mapping capabilities at the county and zip code (ZCTA) level for win percentages and average rates.

Corerate allows you to align your rates precisely in the marketplace at any level of detail.  Drill down to any level of detail and analyze your program's competitive position.  You can click and drag the chart values to align your rates to the desired position in the chart.

Take your analysis to new levels by using our Interpret predictive modeling software to include the rates produced by the predictive model in the analysis.  This allows you to align yourself in the market to maximize both production and profitability.

Screen shots of Corerate:

Explorer Window

Charts - Average Rates





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