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Interpret is an extremely powerful yet easy to use predictive modeling tool.  Fit models with millions of observations in seconds (we recently fit a model with 25 million observations in under two minutes).

Key Benefits
  • Improved efficiency and quality of pricing estimates.
  • Improved profitability and production.
  • Analyze new rating variables or interactions of existing ones and test their improvements in predictive ability.
  • Allows you to focus on interpreting the analysis, rather than spending most of your time producing them.

Key Features

  • Very intuitive and high ease of use.
  • Handles very large datasets.
  • Very fast optimization engine.
  • Leverages MS Access for data cleansing.

Obtaining convergence with Interpret is easy, factors within the model can be transformed easily and the transformation can be viewed graphically (graph of exposures) before creating to ensure the new transformed factor is suitable.

Interactions are created similarly with a point and click interface, with graphics to evaluate the interaction before creating..

Creating offsets is just as simple.  Use our smoothing function to develop offsets or export the factor information to MS Excel, add the offsets in Excel and re-import.

Interpret includes all the standard predictive modeling distributions, but it also includes non-standard distributions such as the Negative Binomial and the Tweedie distribution models for fitting pure premiums (or loss costs).  This can save significant time by fitting pure premiums directly rather than fitting frequency and severity separately.  If you desire fitting frequency and severity separately, Interpret allows you to import all three response variables (frequency, severity, and pure premium) within the same file.  In fact, this is desired since this approach makes for creating very suitable filing exhibits for the State Insurance departments.

Our file conversion program is contained within the software and is a simple four step wizard.  Once it's run for one file, the import specifications can be stored and future files of similar type can be imported and converted automatically.






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