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What's New in InterpretTM Version 2.0?

Interpret 2.0 is largely unchanged from it previous version. It's still the easiest to learn and use predictive modeling tool available.

We've had incredible feedback from users of version 1.0.  So most enhancements are minor improvements throughout the program to improve usability. However, the primary change is its ability to perform spatial smoothing of zip code estimates.

Spatial smoothing is an excellent way to improve your territory boundary definitions and their pricing estimates. Zip codes with adequate credibility are largely unaffected by the smoothing, but zip codes with low credibility can have their price estimates dramatically improved by taking into account the experience of its neighboring zip codes.

The closer the neighboring zip code, the more weight it's given in the smoothing process. The closer the zip code, the more likely the demographics, laws, streets and other driving conditions will be similar to the zip code under consideration.

ATG is obviously very excited about our new Interpret version. Clients have inquired about improving their territorial rating abilities and we strive to deliver to meet our customer's needs.


An Illustration

Below is a chart of all local zip codes to zip code 75029. Zip code 75029 has very little data so it's a perfect case for spatial smoothing. The left axis shows the modeled loss cost relativities and the right axis shows the earned car years for each zip. 

Our spatial smoothing utility has analyzed the modeled relativities for all zip codes within 15 miles of 75029 (the user can vary this distance as desired). The light blue line is the estimate for 75029 after taking into account the neighboring zip codes results. 



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