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Other ATG Solutions

ATG has developed many tools for helping insurers manage their business. 

sample list of tools

  • Increased Limits Modeling. Our model allows you to derive excellent ILF estimates even if you don't currently write higher limit business!
  • Theoretical excess loss ratios (Heckman-Meyers procedure) based on using frequency and severity distribution assumptions separately. Very useful for large commercial programs and reserve range estimates.
  • Reserve range estimation. Point estimates aren't enough anymore, insurers must understand the possible range of outcomes.
  • GLM trend fitting and curve fitting routine. This MS Excel Addin can vastly improve trend fitting curves and polynomial fitting for rating factors that contain sparse data.
  • Berquist-Sherman Paid Reserve triangle adjustment function for MS Excel. A simple Excel function that restates paid loss triangles for changes in settlement patterns.
  • Report automation.

ATG can create custom solutions to fit your needs. We've helped companies improve their efficiencies, helping many cut costs in the tens of thousands of dollars.




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