Other Interpret windows

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Below are some additional windows in Interpret the user will use frequently.


1. Analysis of Residuals - displays various information of the fit residuals to validate model assumptions.


2. Response Variable Distributions - displays a histogram of each of the available response variables:

  1. Loss cost
  2. Severity (most common use)
  3. Frequency


3. Summary of Model Fits - displays the model fit characteristics for various models to compare fits and relevance of single factors.


4. Summary of all factor fits of a model - displays all estimated parameters, standard errors, data, t-values and t-probabilities.


5. User Defined Aliases - allows user to set an alias including multiple aliases (i.e., the aliasing of sparse data to produce convergence for example).


6. User Defined Aliases Popup Window options - allows for simple setting of group aliasses (for example., set all levels to an alias if the sum of counts for the level is below 20).


7. Transforms - user can group a factor, transform, or interaction with this window.


8. Interactions - user can define an interaction in this window. Just add a factor, transform, or existing interaction to the list and create.


9. Offsets - user can define offsets easily. Just type them in the last column and update, or "smooth" the current modeled fits. You can also click and drag the offset value in the chart to the desired position and the grid offset column value will adjust automatically.


10. Correlation matrix


1l. Summary data output to Microsoft Excel