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Predictive Modeling 

Predictive modeling is as much an art as it is a science. One must understand insurance cost drivers, their effects with regard to both frequency and severity, the limitations of one's data and what opportunities exist to increase the predictive value of their model.

ATG believes it's critical to understand all inner workings of the predictive modeling process in order to be a great modeler. What better way to master these inner workings than to build a state of the art predictive modeling software tool from scratch? That's exactly what ATG has done with its Interpret TM predictive modeling software. You could say we've mastered the science of predictive modeling by personally building the technology.

ATG has combined this scientific knowledge by having modelers that have successfully implemented successful predictive modeling research and development departments with innovative trend setting companies.

ATG has combined a powerful team that is a unique blend of the art and the science behind implementing a successful predictive modeling program. The value of such a program is simply amazing, both in terms of maximizing the value of your data and in terms of maximizing the efficiency of your processes.

Contact ATG if your organization seeks to implement such a solution, or would like a review of an existing one.  We believe we're the most efficient and most affordable solution available.








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